Thursday, July 29, 2010

the BLOW OFF cure: WWJND?

NYC has been my oyster this week...despite the heat, the humidity, my frizzy hair, and that stinky summer garbage scent, I remember why I once loved living here. I still heart Cali, but let's be honest, LA is just so three hours ago. Anyway, the best thing about being on the right coast the last couple of days has been mining some pretty awesome BLOW OFF stories. New Yorkers just tend to be a little more candid about getting fucked over (and fucking people over.)

The other night, I had the opportunity to go out to dinner and drinks with a rare breed in Manhattan: a straight single guy in his late twenties. These days, the only straight guys I hang out with are either related to me or living with, it was more than just a little eye opening to hear a new dude's point of view on dating.

I learned so much.

I got enough material for at least five blog posts, but here's the first one I'd like to impart on the three to five dudes that read this site. My straight male friend told me that he's got a new perspective on how to deal with the highs and lows of life, love, and everything in between. He asks himself one question:

What Would Jack Nicholson Do?

In my opinion, this is a revelation. Seriously. Pretend you just got blown off by a girl you're into and you're kind of bummed out about it. Instead of moping around just say "WWJND?" He wouldn't sulk, he wouldn't beg, he wouldn't listen to Coldplay.

He'd man up, forge ahead, and go to a Laker's game. You get the point. Jack Nicholson is a bad ass. And you too can survive a blow off by simply channeling him.

It got me thinking, what's the straight girl version of WWJND? Meryl Streep? hmmmm, no--- I feel like she would just bake cookies or knit. Angelina Jolie? Negatory. Brad Pitt is totally pussy whipped, he'll never blow her off. Ali Fedotowsky? hahahah, totally kidding. Betty White? Nope, too easy.

Fuck it. I'm sticking to Jack. He can be the the blow off cure for men and women all over the world.


  1. Sandra Bullock!

    WWSBD? Except I don't want to adopt a kid every time a guy blows me off...

  2. I thought the same thing! She'd prob be the best choice aside from the baby adoption...

  3. how about What Would Annie Hall Do? She would just go out and sing and take photos and move to LA and back to NYC and wouldn't give a damn cause she has a slew of boys waiting for her in the wings.

    i would say What Would Alvy Singer Do?, but he would just go watch 5-hour documentaries on concentration camps from sun up to sun down.

    WWAHD whaddup!