Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the friday night lights BLOW OFF

Those of you that know me well or even just kind of know me, have probably heard me talk about my love and obsession for Friday Night Lights and why I think it's the best TV show ever (Yes, better than My So-Called Life and better than Sex and the City). For the last four seasons, FNL has been pretty much blown off by every TV viewing household in America, the television academy, and now NBC & Direct TV. The show has only one season left, but here's hoping ABC Family (who acquired the show) will miraculously decide to produce new episodes. *Fingers crossed.*

The good news is, Emmy nominations came out last week and FNL finally got some love. Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor & Tami Taylor; the most realistic fictional married couple out there) were finally nominated in the lead actor/actress in a drama categories BUT they've had so many better performances in previous seasons. The standout performance of season 4 was def given by Zach Gilford (AKA Saracen AKA QB 2 AKA my boyfriend). There was even a Facebook fan page made to help campaign for him to get an Emmy nod. Alas, it turns out Facebook can't make everyone's dreams come true, cause the Emmy's gave him a big fat BLOW OFF.

But that's okay, cause I still believe that clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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  1. I miss Tyra and Lyla. At least Erin still has Riggins. Anyways, go check your email asap.