Friday, July 23, 2010

the WE word

There are people in relationships and then there are people in "welationships." The latter are couples that use the "we" word way too often. You know, you ask your friend what she's doing for the weekend and she responds with "we're going to the beach, then we're having dinner with friends, and we're probably gonna see a movie." Oh, right. There is no I in We. And when you're dating someone there is no "I" in your vocabulary either.

I went from being chronically single to being in a long term relationship and because of that I've got some residual guilt I'm still dealing with. So, as a coping mechanism, I've tried really hard to not participate in the kind of behavior that annoyed me about couples when I was single. Like never flying solo or making plans without each other OR being a Cling-on OR constantly gushing about being in love. I even try to say "Bryon and I" as much as possible instead of saying "We." Kayoko and I were actually just bitching about how much we (oops) hate the "we" syndrome. Which is why I was horrified yesterday when my friend Jake emailed to see if Bryon and I were around this weekend to go to a comedy show. Here was my response:

Damn! That sounds really fun, but we're heading up to Pennsylvania to see Bry's parents, then we're in NY all through the next week. We're gonna be around for pretty much all of august so get ready to hang out with us a lot. PS I'm sorry I used "we" so much in this email. I'm not that girl!

I'm so ashamed. I am that girl! What do you think, readers? Is the "we" word as offensive and BLOW OFF worthy as I think it is or is it just semantics? Comment below!


  1. I feel like in this case, it was ok... your friend asked what BOTH of you were doing and your plans happened to include both of you.

    I also feel like "Bryon and I" over and over would look even crazier than "we" over and over again.

  2. I think the purpose of being with someone who we love is to become us or we instead of I, I know it might sound sad, but even if we live together happily ever after and forever, down the road one of us will blowoff the other by just dying, so from an older and hopefully wiser person to the young readers of the blowoff, just say the word "we" as much as you can, because you never know when it is going to be I again.

  3. i love you sho sho. so i'm at a new job, the new co-workers don't know me as a "we" so i've been trying to use "i", but i feel like it discredits my relationship and leaves out the best part of me.

  4. my eyes are brimming with tears. like when i saw TOY STORY 3 two weeks ago.