Monday, July 26, 2010

Wise S*#% my Mom Says....

In case you guys don't read the post comments, I just had to share the one Sho Sho (AKA my mom) posted on the We Word. This is heavy stuff. It made me realize that I kind of need to blow off my cynical side and rediscover the romantic side I had as a pre-teen. Mom, I love you. You rule.

"I think the purpose of being with someone who we love is to become us or we instead of I, I know it might sound sad, but even if we live together happily ever after and forever, down the road one of us will blowoff the other by just dying, so from an older and hopefully wiser person to the young readers of the blowoff, just say the word 'we' as much as you can, because you never know when it is going to be I again"

Shoreh Saedi, 2010


  1. oh sweet jesus i love our mom so much! she is seriously the wisest woman alive. tears, tears, tears.

  2. I still think that the most cynical people are actually the most romantic deep down.

    Read: ME.