Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the "he didn't answer the door" BLOW OFF

Back in high school, my BFF and I were bonded by our undying love for two guys who basically treated us like we were their little sisters. No, they weren't the most popular boys in school...come to think of it, they were completely unpopular. But they both seemed damaged and we liked fixing people.

When you loved someone in high school you had two goals: to keep it secret from as many people as possible...and then to eventually get the guts to confess your love.

I've written about my high school infatuation more than a few times on this site, so this is my BFF's story.

She had hit the wall with unrequited love and decided it was time to make her move. Her crush's best friend lived right across the street from her and the crush basically spent all his time there during his free 7th period. So, my bff decided she would go across the street to confess her undying love. She's an amazing artist, so she drew him a picture and wrote the lyrics to a Queen song on the back. She put on her prettiest dress and charged over there like a woman on a mission.

I had Spanish during 7th period and while I was conjugating verbs, my BFF walked in and asked Senora Navarro if she could talk to me outside ("me permite hablar con sara?"). From the look on her face, I thought someone had died.

Outside of class, she asked me to "guess what happened" after she went across the street. I thought maybe he let her down gently or told her he had a girlfriend. Nope, she said "it's worse than that." He never opened the door. She waited...and waited and he never opened the door. She was convinced he saw her walking toward the house or looked through the peephole and decided the best way to avoid her was just not to answer. I felt terrible. I did what we all do when our friends get rejected. I told her he sucked and that she was way too good for him. And I was telling the truth. Regardless, she was humiliated.

Months later, I started dating her crush's best friend (the guy that lived in the house across the street from her.) The house was a giant Victorian totally out of place on a normal suburban street. We started hanging out there all the time and realized that the house was so big, that if you were upstairs (where the dudes always hung out and played music) you could never hear anyone ring the doorbell. In fact, they literally had an old fashioned bell you had to ring in order for anyone to know there was someone at the door. Well, my friend was already taking a leap of faith by ringing the normal doorbell, there was no way she was gonna ring the old school bell like she was Glenn Close.

At our ten year high school reunion, we told her old crush the story and he confirmed that he never heard her come to the door. It was the blow off that never actually happened. To this day, she's relieved her plans to pour her heart out never came to fruition, but I can't help but wonder how different our lives would be if he would have just heard her ring the bell....

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