Monday, August 23, 2010

the last night in new york BLOW OFF

It was the summer of 2005 (back when Friendster was all the rage, Kanye had just come out with Gold Digger, and Hurricane Katrina was just a few days away)...I was spending my last days in New York before a cross country move to Los Angeles for my job. My roommate and I had been living in the NYC for three years and decided to take the plunge back to the west coast together. We weren't ready to leave NY, but I had an opportunity I couldn't turn down in California and the move would be paid for in full. We decided to drive cross country to Cali and have our very own little Thelma & Louise adventure. Except that our gay bff and next door neighbor would be coming along with us (all the way to Little Rock anyway and then he'd fly back to NY).

Our last week in New York was a whirlwind. We threw a good bye party in our tiny little shoe box of an apartment. I took the opportunity to invite a few guys I had dated in NY-- either for some last minute nookie or just to clue them in that I was leaving the city and they had officially lost their opportunity to win me back. A couple of them showed, a couple of them didn't.

Before we knew it, it was our last day in New York and the following morning we'd be hitting the road (1st stop, Knoxville, TN).

One of the boys that didn't attend our party was Asian Fetish Boy.  It wasn't a big surprise that he didn't show up...but it was a surprise when he sent me a message on Friendster apologizing for not being able to come and asking if I had time to hang out before I left.  I texted him during my last night and let him know I'd be hanging out at Piano's in the LES if he wanted to meet up. I've referenced the blow off that followed, but here are the details.  After a nice last supper, Kayoko (SAF), my roommate, and I made the walk from the East Village to the Lower East Side. I was determined to make our last night in NY memorable and didn't really care either way if Asian Fetish boy came to hang out. Well, I kind of cared. I never really felt like I'd gotten closure with him and it would have been fun to hang out with a guy who could throw out sarcastic quips with the best of them. I remember Kayoko managing my expectations and telling me there was no way he was going to meet us.  After all, it was Saturday at almost 1am. The dude probably had better things to do.

But he didn't blow me off. He came by himself to hang out. I couldn't believe it. Clearly, the guy totally regretted how things ended between us and had come to confess his undying love. Awesome! Around 2am we parted way with my friends and went to Cherry Tavern for some tequila shots and tecate. He spent most of the night apologizing for having been a jerk to me and feeling really bad about it and blah blah blah. Hmmm. I started thinking he had just come to meet me to make himself feel like less of an asshole. It was kind of sweet, I mean, sure we all want the guys who wrong us to feel crappy about it, but a year had passed, and I was over it. (boys think we never get it over it).

At 4am, Cherry Tavern closed and we walked up Avenue A to get some pirogies at Odessa. By 6am, it was way past my bedtime and I had to be up in two hours to make a thirteen hour drive to Tennessee. He walked me back to my apartment and we said good bye. I kind of assumed all night that we'd have a hot and heavy make out session before we say good bye. I mean, after all-- we had spent the last five hours together reminiscing and I was leaving town-- so there were definitely no strings attached. Even though I wasn't Asian/Pacific Islander, we had rapport…shouldn't that have been more important?


We didn't make out. Even though I threw myself at him. Stop judging me. I was drunk, I had nothing to lose, and the only thing better than ending my time in NY with tequila and pirogies would have been ending it with a good bye kiss. Despite our lingering hug good bye, he flat out wouldn't kiss me. Looking back, there were probably three explanations: 1. he was physically repulsed by me. 2. the diner food mixed with the alcohol was not doing my breath any favors. 3. He had a girlfriend or was dating someone.

I'm hoping it was #3.  Either way, it was still a night worth blogging about and at least I didn't leave the empire state pining after some boy I'd made out with.  Instead, I looked onward and upward and thought of all the California Love in my future....


  1. I remember this night so clearly. Was such a devastating night... NYC was never the same after Sara left!

    This dude was a such a douche...

    Alright, alright, he wasn't so bad, but I hate all that Asian Fetish shit, which he totally suffered from.

    Maybe he came out that night to try to get my number??


    Great post! Totally took me down memory lane. We were so cute back then.

  2. Kayoko, you crack me up! He was totally after you the whole time. I may need to revise this with a reason #4: the person he really wanted to kiss was my asian bff.