Tuesday, August 10, 2010

pop culture BLOW OFF of the day: I won't hold it against you, if your name ever comes up

Remember how foreign and daunting sex was when we were high school virgins? When I first watched this episode of My So-Called Life on ABC, I was fourteen and it made me feel slightly more okay about sex, because even Angela Chase wasn't ready to have it. Although, let's be real here, if I was dating Jordan Catalano I would have given it up in a New York minute. I imagine more than a few high school blow offs went down the way Angela and Jordan's did. No sex = deal breaker.

Anyway, teen shows just aren't the same anymore. Could you imagine the voice over: "people are always saying you should just be yourself, like your self is this definite thing, like a toaster or something" on Gossip Girl? I didn't think so. That said, the break up is followed by what may be cheesiest scene in MSCL history....Angela riding her bike and letting go of the handlebars. Oh, the symbolism.


  1. Re teen shows not being the same, did you ever read this post in the Paris Review on the disappearance of cynical, outcast, socially awkward characters on teen tv?


    Where my Darias at???

  2. Also, please let me say that I never liked Jordan Catalano. He's such a dufus. I've always been on Team Krakow.

    Angela letting go of the handlebars on Brian's bike. How's that for symbolism??

  3. I did read that article, I thought it was interesting, but i was also on the fence about it. especially since glee is a huge hit and all the teen characters in that are social outcasts. it just lacks the cynicism which i'm okay with. I'm with conan "don't be cynical" o'brien these days.

    Um, fyi, catalono? totally in your type matrix. Krakow? not so much. or wait, is it a krakow/catalono combo in the type matrix. fifteen years later, I think neither guy was right for angela.

    Ricky forever!

  4. Yah, type matrix. EXACTLY.

    I find myself getting increasingly cynical these days. I think it's all the sun.

  5. Meh, the characters in Glee are too beautiful to really buy into their problems :)

    If you like the outcast shows... check out "Freaks and Geeks" and "Undeclared". Both Judd Apatow stuff.

    I think it doesn't live up to it because people don't really like watching things that are painfully close to themselves. I don't know if you guys watch The Big Bang Theory, but it's about nerds and some of the jokes cut a little close to home and it's hard to watch at times because the audience is laughing at them... and I'm like "What? I do that!" Doh!

  6. TN is back! where have you been? That is too funny about the big bang theory. I love the apatow shows-- i'm guessing since both those and MSCL were canceled after one season, the outcast shows don't work very well? There is HUGE on ABC Family that's supposed to be really good too. And you're right about Glee, it's a bit glossy. But the musical theater peeps at my high school were pretty big outcasts.

  7. Omg TN I was just thinking about you. Where you at???

    In high school I was never an outcast, but I never really felt that comfortable either. Moreso in college. You just have to make it work for you, I guess and have a sense of humor about it.

    The awkwardness and cynicism is so much a part of me that I'm not sure I'll ever grow out of it?

  8. Well, hello ladies. I've been busy but reading the posts through an RSS reader so I don't see the comments. I have to come to the website to see the comments.

    I tried watching MSCL but it moves a little slow and I don't relate much to the female teenage angst. Several of my women friends really liked it, so maybe I'll take a couple BCP and give it another shot.

    Kayoko, I think for the most part our school was pretty small and so everyone mostly got along. Although there were definitely some people who had it harder than others... ok maybe a lot harder.