Monday, August 16, 2010

Serendipity & the BLOW OFF

Last Friday night, between breaks from my apartment wide cleaning rampage, I discovered the awesomeness of streaming Netflix movies on the BF's Playstation. And even though I was about ten years late to the party, I finally got around to watching the movie "Serendipity." Um, I fucking loved it.

Why, you might ask?

Well, for starters, seeing John Cusack and Jeremy Piven on screen together reminded me of Say Anything. AND I got a kick out of the fact that John Corbett and Bridget Moynahan always get type cast as people who get blown off. AND I think there should be a law that Molly Shannon has to play the "best friend" in every romantic comedy ever made from now on. I could seriously go on and on...but most importantly, I loved it cause for two hours it had me believing in fate and soul mates and signs. Something I haven't really put much weight in since I was a ten year old who spent her free time in the new age section of Walden Books at Vallco Mall in Cupertino (seriously.)

That said, I do believe that the universe sent me a sign about my BF. The year was 2005. We both lived in New York and worked at ABC. There's about a million and one things that had to take place for both of us to end up there. Think about it: he was born in Pennsylvania in the 1977, I was born in Tehran in 1980. If any of our paths took a different route since birth, we'd never be working in the same high rise on the upper west side.

Either way, working in the same building wasn't enough to get us together. Even though we both took the L train and the 1/9 to work every morning and rode the elevator together countless times, we rarely spoke. We were both aware the other existed, but that was about it. I'll be honest, I was aware of him because he was the cutest guy in the building. I only remember two interactions with him vividly. Once, in the commissary, he came up to me and said "what's for lunch" (me: a panini). another time at a holiday party he said bye to me after I had just taken a huge bite of pasta.

So. 2005. I'm at a bar called The Cellar on 14th street between 1st and 2nd avenue getting blown off by a guy I was super infatuated with. This was a guy I had dated in California briefly who three years later had finally moved to New York. I thought for sure his move was a "sign" that we were meant to be together, but it didn't work out that way. So, as this guy was explaining all the reasons he was dumping me, I looked toward the bar and standing there was the cute guy from work...getting cozy with his girlfriend.

At the time, I thought the universe was laughing at me. Like, hahaha Saaara--- your ass is getting dumped and just to add salt in the wound--- we wanted you to know that the cute you guy you work with totally has a girlfriend. You're such a loser. hahahaha.

A month after that, ABC offered me another job in LA. A small part of me was tempted to turn it down and stay in NY in case the guy that just dumped me had a change of heart. But cooler heads prevailed and I took the job. I moved back to California in the fall of 2005.

In November of that year, I went to Orlando on a business trip and as it turned out...the cute guy from work was now single and on the same business trip. A few drinks and a (completely innocent night, I swear mom and dad) in a hotel room...and here we are almost five years later, sharing an apartment in LA. The BF even reminded me last night that the morning after our innocent tryst, he rummaged through my purse when I was in the bathroom so he could look at my driver's license and find out what my name was. Ooops.

So, it turns out maybe the universe wasn't laughing at me after all. Maybe that night at the bar, it was just sending me a sign that said even though it sucked to get blown off...the guy I was really meant to be with was at the other end of the bar. Or maybe it was all just a giant coincidence and there are no signs. What do you think, peeps: do you believe in the whole destiny thing or is it all just total bull shit?


  1. love the post, so inspiring. you know i'm such a sucker for this shit!

    this winter, i'm going to nyc and ice skating in central park EVERY DAY until i meet my Lloyd Dahbler.

    going to check my horoscope now.

  2. I love this story! It gives me hope.

  3. Uh I was born in New York and i think I not only held the title of cutest guy in the building but also that side of Mulholland.

  4. did i mention the people in the abc building were either really ugly or hot and gay?