Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weddings and exes don't mix

In the last three years, I've gone to at least thirteen weddings and the majority of my friends still aren't hitched, so there are many more in my future. Plus, with gay marriage currently legal in Cali (yay!) that means even more nuptials to attend. Going to weddings can be a pain in the butt: the cost of airfare + hotel + buying a dress + wedding gift + bridal/bachelorette gift + a mani/pedi--- it all seriously adds up...but at the end of the day, I still heart them. I mean, I can't tell you how many random wedding albums I've looked through on Facebook just because the back of my friend's head was tagged in a photo. I love the ceremonies, the speeches, the free food. Weddings are the bomb.

Since I make it a point to not stay close friends with guys I've dated, I've never attended the wedding of an ex (and would never if I was invited.) Actually, as far as I know, none of my significant exes are married. Either way, I think there should be a rule that the only person at your wedding you've had sex with is the person you're marrying.

If you don't agree with me, just watch the trailer for The Romantics. Here's the deal, Josh Duhamel is marrying Anna Paquin, but apparently he and Katie Holmes dated forevs, and she's a bridesmaid in the wedding. Awkward.

I'm totally into this movie by the way. I'm a sucker for what I've just coined the "friends forever" genre. You know--- those ensemble movies like The Big Chill, St. Elmos Fire, Indian Summer, Beautiful Girls...all classics.

They usually take place in some east coast town with an all white cast that's effortlessly stylish. And there's always the obligatory outcast character who's new to the group, because some douche thought it would be a good idea to bring his annoying girlfriend around. And the friends usually have a name for their clique (in this case, they call themselves "the romantics" because of their incestuous dating history.)

Anyway, with a wedding on the horizon....tension and old hurts ensue among the friends. Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to invite Katie Holmes to this wedding?

So, for all of you married folks---- were there any exes at your wedding? And for the rest of us, would any of you be dumb enough to go to an exes wedding or would you blow it off? Comment below.


  1. i actually have kinda a rule of NOT to go to any weddings for guys i've dated. i've already turned down two. totes awkward and i'm not putting myself in that situation!

  2. omg this movie looks SO AWESOME.

    i just wish Joey never married Tom Cruise and stayed with Pacey forever.

  3. I've been to several weddings where members of the wedding party had been (whether casually or seriously) involved with the bride and groom. It's just what happens when you date within a group of friends that continue to be close.

    It makes for good gossip at the reception and a lot of fun drunk ramblings in the bathroom.

    That said, I'VE never done it. That would be far less fun. I just get to be involved in the vicarious drama of being friends with those who have.

  4. In general, I totally agree with you. But, I have one exception to the exes rule who would be invited to my wedding. It's the only adult relationship I've had where we were relatively serious, but managed to stay really close friends after (mind you, with a little time off right after the relationship). I can honestly say, he feels more like a brother nowadays.

  5. all my friends from college that were from a certain town all slept with each others girlfriends (now wives). their weddings were awesome!! and it's still fun to say - "dude, totally effed your wife."

    unfortunately - i think this movie looks lame.

  6. Good point, Kate. If the guy feels more like a brother than an ex and there's no risk of him pulling a Benjamin Braddock, then you're good.

    Anonymous, "dude, totally effed your wife" was the most overused phrase at your wedding. hahaha, jk. (anonymous is my brother in law, folks)

  7. i love how Saaaara totally outs her commentors on here. don't try hiding, folks! she'll still get ya.