Monday, August 2, 2010

the "yes, there is someone else" BLOW OFF

More infinite wisdom from my dinner with "straight guy"!

Okay, so straight guy was dating this girl that he really liked, but for reasons I won't go into, he knew the relationship was going nowhere. When he felt it had finally run its course he decided it was time to end it. The girl came over one night and he told her they were done. Unfortunately, she totally did not see the blow off coming. No one had cheated, no one had met someone else, no one was moving across the country. WTF? So, she did what any girl in her predicament would do, she asked him if he'd met someone. He answered honestly: No.

Straight guy told me that if he ever finds himself in a similar situation, he's just going to lie and say "yes, there's someone else." His rationale? The lie makes things easier on everyone. The girl gets a concrete reason for the relationship fizzling and thus, has more motivation to make a clean break and move on. And the guy doesn't have to spend an eternity trying to explain himself when there's no satisfying explanation. Even though the girl's ego will probably be a little bruised by the fake other woman, isn't it ultimately getting bruised anyway by the blow off?

I'm kind of into it. Most guys would deny meeting someone else till the cows come home, but this straight guy plans to use it as his BLOW OFF calling card. So, time someone tells you they're into someone else, remember, it just might be their way of cutting short the ever dreaded blow off conversation. Tell them you want proof. And you won't accept anything less than a sex tape.

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  1. i opt for never even having the blow off conversation to begin with and just AVOID AVOID AVOID.