Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bulk & the BLOW OFF

We've all been there...staring at the phone waiting for some douche bag to call....then rationalizing why it's okay for us to reach out, even though we called them last.

This is a bad idea.

If you've highlighted, doggy eared, underlined, and written in the margins of He's Just Not That Into You, then you know there's no use to putting yourself out there twice in a row. If a guy likes you, he'll call. At most, making a last ditch effort with another text or call will maybe get you a booty call. If that's what you're looking for...all the more power to you.

There's another gem of a self help book from Cindy Chupack (another Sex and the City writer) called Between Boyfriends. I read this book about six years ago, but there's one piece of advice Chupack gave that's always stayed with me.

If you're tempted to call that ex: don't. Instead, go straight to Costco and buy something in bulk. Wait until you've run out of the bulk item and then revisit the situation. Chances've already moved on to someone else by the time that 50 pack of toilet paper ran out.

PS it does not count if you TP your entire neighborhood so you run out of toilet paper in one day.
PPS I would also consider buying black licorice in bulk. Cause no one likes it and it'll last forever.

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