Monday, September 20, 2010

the converted BLOW OFF

At fifteen years old, I'd never stepped foot in a church and was seriously undecided on the subject of God. That's why it was so weird that I was on a bus headed to a weekend away with a Christian youth group. Here's how I got there.

One of my best friend in high schools was coming out of an acid induced freshman year and had found God. She'd invited me a couple of times to hang out with her church group and after turning her down each time, I finally gave in. She swore it wasn't "too religious" and that everyone would be incredibly welcoming. I didn't realize at the time that she was making a major effort to convert me.

I spent the weekend feeling totally out of place. They kicked off the festivities with a two hour sing-a-long of songs about Jesus. Then there was the bible readings and all the discussions on what our relationship to God meant to us. At first, I felt like a fraud, but then some of what they were saying started making sense to me...especially when I saw him. Blond hair, skateboard, crooked smile, and not entirely into all the religious activities. I was instantly in love. We didn't talk at all, but I swear there were some stolen glances. Suddenly, I was singing at the top of my lungs: Jesus loves me this I know, cause the bible tells me so.

I told my friend that I wanted to start coming to the weekly youth group meetings, but my parents weren't as sold on the idea. In fact, my dad forbade me from going. They were never keen on religion and I couldn't tell them that the only reason I really wanted to go was for my hot Christian boyfriend.

So, in the same day that I blew off my atheism, I also had to blow off the youth group. But it got me wondering, why aren't there more smoking hot missionaries? If a Ryan Gosling look alike rode his bike to my apartment and rang my doorbell with a stack of bibles, I'd be like "Son, don't worry. You are preaching to the converted."


  1. Beautiful! I myself, went to a Mormon "Root Beer Kegger" in search of didn't work out, but it was funny!

  2. A root beer kegger? That is beyond amazing.