Friday, September 3, 2010

the freebie: yay or nay?

The Freebie, a new movie starring Dax Shepard and Katie Aselton (who? I don't know, but she's great in the trailer and directed the movie), tells the story of a young married couple who agrees they can each have a one night stand. I know what you're thinking...when did Dax Shepard go from the guy on Punk'd to serious actor? Somewhere around the time he nailed a part on Parenthood. Pay attention, folks.

On one hand, I kind of get the whole freebie notion. Most married couples have ups and downs in their sex life. A small part of me wishes I'd sewn more wild oats before settling down with the BF...BUT the thought of him sleeping with another woman makes me want to hurl. And it's kind of depressing that a couple in their 30s already opted for the freebie route. How long could these two have possibly been together? Maybe this movie would have made a lot more sense if the main characters were in their 50s.

Anyway, Dax is my homeboy and he and Aselton seem like a real life couple. My fave part is when his character says: "if you came to me in a time machine and said, hey PS, you're about to meet Annie...I would have maybe done everything shy of paying for it, just to make sure I got it all out of my system." Even though it's pretty obvious their little agreement will lead to disaster, it got me wondering...readers, would you want a freebie? Comment below.

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