Tuesday, September 14, 2010

glossary of a BLOW OFF: the premature ejaculator-evacuator (PEE)

The Premature Ejaculator-Evacuator (PEE)
function: noun
Origin: since i dated that one guy in NY in 2004.
Definition: a guy who dives into a relationship head first and moves at lightning speed only to then abruptly cut bait and disappear.

(I had high hopes for Joe in the beginning, because he kept asking me out on dates and said he wanted me to be his GF, but when he disappeared after a month, I realized the guy was just another P.E.E..)

Buyer beware. Dudes that go way overboard at the beginning of a relationship usually have a short freak out threshold. They set the pace and as soon as you jump on the bandwagon they become emotionally unavailable. Usually this happens because they let themselves get excited about the prospect of a relationship before either of you really get to know each other...or because they met someone else. Either way, a good rule of thumb is that relationships are like pot roasts: best cooked slowly.

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