Thursday, September 23, 2010

the "I won't slit my wrists" BLOW OFF

Admittedly, there are crazy girls out there...the kind that threaten to gas themselves in the garage if you don't call them back, the kind that ruin everything for us normal ladies. But this post isn't for them, this post is for us stable chiquitas who are tired of getting treated with kid gloves when we're getting dumped. We're here to tell you dudes, don't worry: we will not slit our wrists if you blow us off. (Warning: This doesn't mean we won't cry).

You don't need to drag out the break up or act like a jerk for weeks to clue us in on what's about to happen. We promise, we can handle it. And another thing, if we happen to stay friends post-break up...don't lie to us about that new girlfriend. A guy and I once broke up, because I moved to NY and he lived in Cali. We stayed in touch for months after via phone and email, I even visited in person...and he never once mentioned that he was madly in love and had a new girlfriend. The guy was afraid I'd get too upset (AKA slit my wrists) if he told me. Sure, I would have been sad, but I also would have stopped pining after him and moved on.

But dudes, you don't get off the hook that easy. Some of you have been known to become a little wackadoo after a break up too. Stop with the stalking and walk away with your dignity in tact. and don't slit your wrists. Trust me, you're better off without that lame girl anyway.

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