Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a match made in BLOW OFF

My mom and aunts went through a compulsive matchmaking period when most of their daughters/nieces hit their twenties and were approaching the appropriate marrying age. These guys were always sold to us as "mesleh mah" which translates from Farsi into English as "like the moon" and they were like the moon, if the moon was balding or used too much gel in what little hair it had. But who cares about looks when it comes to a SIDs...no, not sudden infant death syndrome....single iranian doctors! Needless to say, none of their matchmaking attempts paid off and so far, none of us have ended up with Iranians or doctors for that matter.

They've pretty much retired their matchmaking impulses, but in hindsight, I understand their addiction. Who doesn't want to feel like a real life cupid: the person responsible for bringing two people together. It's a risky venture-- one that could end in everyone toasting you at the wedding or everyone blaming you for wreaking unnecessary havoc in the lives of two innocent people.

In my one and only attempt in matchmaking so far, I wreaked unnecessary havoc. When the two people I match-made started dating, there were immediate fireworks. I initially set them up for three simple reasons: they were both about the same age, they were both single, they both had tattoos, they were both incredibly nice and generous people. That seemed like enough to create a match made in heaven. A couple weeks into dating they were completely inseparable and I'd even gotten a long voicemail message from one of them expressing their gratitude to me for bringing them together. I was already fantasizing about everyone bowing to me at their future wedding. Talk of moving in together began rather quickly and that should have been the first red flag. Long story short, the relationship cooled off just as quickly as it had heated up and the break up took a major emotional toll on one party who'd had enough of painful blow offs. I felt horrible. I was wholly responsible for this near emotional breakdown and it sucked. I retired my wings and my arrow for good.

But lately, I've been considering putting them back on. I just know too many cool single people who deserve each other. What do you think readers? Have you had any successful matchmaking notches in your belt? Comment below.

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