Friday, September 10, 2010

my new favorite BLOW OFF album

I first heard of Lorene Scafaria's music through friends that are friends with her. This is what happens when you live in LA. You meet a lot of people who are legitimately friends with celebs (I mean, normal people). Then you end up being really obnoxious by saying things like "my friend is friends with so and so." Sigh, us Angelinos are so oppressed!

Anyway, I loved Scafaria's catchy tunes and quirky yet sincere lyrics...but I wasn't ready to commit. The thing is, Lorene can seriously pull off bangs, wrote one of my fave new coming of age movies (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) and her boyfriend is Adam Brody. The jealousy was more than I could bear. But then, I remembered that even though I can't carry a tune and was six years old the last time I tried out bangs, I'm turning thirty next month. And thirty year olds are self assured and don't get jealous. So, I went straight to iTunes and bought Lorene's album Laughter & Forgetting.

There are only five songs on the album, well actually four (it's a bit confusing b/c tracks 3 & 4 have different names, but they're the exact same song...must be an iTunes glitch) and all of them are great. Lorene's music is perfect for the girl that's outgrown the angst of Tori Amos and Ani DiFranco and can only handle Dar Williams in small doses. Actually, the melodies remind me a lot of Williams except a little less cutesy.

All of the songs are about relationships gone wrong with just the right dash of non-offensive girl anthem.

If I had to rank the tracks on the album, I'd go:
Track 1, We can't be friends
Track 5, Girls Aren't Supposed to (which my amazing friend Aubrey sings background vocals on!)
Track 3, Back of Your Mind
Track 2, Your F***ing Jacket

Here's a little taste, enjoy!

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