Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The twenties BLOW OFF

Back on December 14, 2009 I wrote a post about blowing off my twenties in 301 days. Well, those 301 days are over and I'm officially a washed up thirty year old. Here's an excerpt from that post with a few new additions. Hoping this is my best blow off yet...Still waiting for that magical fairy:

Those who have known me long will remember how sad I was when i turned 20, because it meant I would never ever be a teenager again. And my twenties were exponentially better than my teens. That said, all 30+ women always talk about how much they love(d) being in their thirties. Apparently, it's the decade where you really feel "comfortable in your own skin." According to them, you become more confident and have a better understanding of exactly who you are. And your sex life gets better than ever. 30+ women make it sound like when the big 3-0 rolls around, a magical fairy arrives at your bedside, waves her glittery wand, and erases all your insecurities, inhibitions, and doubts. Now, that would be awesome. I can't help but think it's all just a ploy, like when women say childbirth really isn't that bad.

Truth be told, I feel pressured to make all these big decisions and life changes while I'm 29....somehow i know turning 30 means i won't be hearing "but you're so young" from people anymore. And I will definitely miss hearing "this is what your 20s are all about." It was a ten year long excuse for confusion, indecision, and total panic.

So, as I get ready to blow off my twenties in less than a year, i'm feeling a little reflective of the last ten years. If I could sum up my 20s (which also happened to span what Time magazine calls the decade from hell) it would be the decade...i cried when Bush "won" the election, got hospitalized for food poisoning, reeled over 9/11, barfed on my 21st birthday, got into a bad car accident, graduated college, moved to NY, got a cell phone, got my nose pierced, had my own health coverage, paid the rent, figured out what a 401K was, got a job, had casual sex, got prescribed xanax to board an airplane, cut my hair, grew it back out, cut it again, made new friends, gave up on a few old ones, learned I carry my weight in my ass and thighs, started a fitness regimen, had my heart broken, went to Belize, cried when George Bush won again, got promoted, drove cross country, moved to LA, got an office, fell in love, wrote seven screenplays, sold zero (addendum: sold one!), became an American citizen, danced at my sister's wedding, lived by myself, bought my first car, campaigned for Barack Obama, cried tears of joy when he got elected, watched many close friends get hitched, went to my ten year high school reunion, started a book club, co-habitated, gained a new understanding of my mom, wore green in solidarity, celebrated my parents 35th wedding anniversary.... this was where I left it 301 days ago...here's a few things to add: sold that screenplay, quit my job to be a full time writer, started going to therapy, became a member of a union, spent a total of 3 weeks in NY and decided I finally like LA better, got engaged!, and finally traveled to Europe (Italy) for the first time.

That about sums it up. It was a great decade, can't wait to see what the next one brings.


  1. I have been one of the earlier followers and readers of this blog. One day soon, I will send you my blow off. You are going to love it.

    We have romantic dinners, fast cars, huge diamonds, first class travel, cottage in the country... then we have NOTHING!

    It is the 'Just keep coming back for more pain when you know its not going to work' blow off!

  2. Oh man, I think I know that blow off all too well! Would love to hear all the details whenever you have time to send my way! Thanks for reading!

  3. We reunited in our early twenties. I'm not sure where I would be had we not ran into each other at the Union Square theaters that miserably rainy winter day. Allison was there too. Many grand memories in Nueva York, but we are bigger than that city now.

    I loved my twenties, but hated them too. I lived in NYC, fell in love, got my heart broken, started a food blog, moved away, began a new career on the opposite coast.

    Our thirties will rock. Really. Let's keep moving forward, together.

    Happy Birthday, Lovebug! Love you the mostest.


    ps- can this be considered a BLOW OFF PDA???