Monday, November 22, 2010

the blackberry BLOW OFF

My name is Saaara and I'm an addict. A Blackberry addict. It's true. I love checking my phone. If it's been more than thirty minutes since someone has texted, pinged, or emailed me, I take the battery out of my Blackberry to make sure it's working correctly. If I forget my phone at home, I start twitching. Uncontrollably.

And yet, I still find it incredibly rude when I'm having a meal with someone and they answer the phone or respond to a text. Can't they just sneak away and do that shit in the bathroom like I do? Last week, I even had to take to my twitter feed to bitch about strangers that talk loudly on their cell phones in public spaces. Cause even though my phone is like my crystal meth, I'm at least relatively good at hiding my habit. It's called etiquette, common courtesy, having manners.

For instance, I try really hard not to text and drive. I mean, did you not see that Oprah episode about all the people that have been killed by texting drivers? Admittedly, I need to get better at this. I still glance at my phone and send texts at red lights. Other than that, I'm a big believer in "hands free" chatting. My car is Bluetooth enabled, thank you very much. I'm still horrified by the number of people I see talking on their phones, while driving.

I also keep my phone on silent pretty much around the clock, which frustrates my loved ones to no end, because I never answer my phone. It's not my fault, I just don't know they're calling. Besides, if a phone rings and it's on silent and there's no one there to hear it, is anyone really calling anyway? That said, ever since I changed my ring tone to the Friday Night Lights theme song, I tend to keep the ringer on more often.

Finally, I rarely answer calls (or check my fantasy basketball know who are) while I'm in the company of friends. And I try to never talk loudly in public on the phone. My cousin was recently at a foot spa, getting a massage, when she fell victim to a loud cell phone talker. Apparently, the loud talker made the mistake of giving the person on the other end of her line her phone number. My cousin, being the hilariously awesome person she is, memorized the girl's phone number and texted her later to remind her to be polite and not talk on her cell phone at a massage place. Now, that my friends is an awesome BLOW OFF.

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