Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy one year anniversary to the BLOW OFF!

Today is our one year anniversary! Who knew we'd make it this far. Thanks to everyone that reads the site, but most of all--- thanks to everyone that's contributed their blow off stories. Without your asses getting dumped and without you dumping other people's asses, we wouldn't be here today.

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated our 300th post by telling you not to think about all the people that blew you off in life. Well, today--- we want you to. Take the day to ponder those peeps that said they'd call, but never did. Those peeps that maybe cheated on you or strung you along. And think about all the people you screwed over or slept with just to prove your own self worth. Then, write those stories down and email us at

And here's a little blow off story I'm not proud of to get you through your work day. I was in sixth grade and I threw my first boy/girl party at my house to celebrate Valentine's Day. This was back in 1992 when troll dolls and Sir Mix-a-lot was all the rage. At the party, I found out one of the boys had branded "I heart S.S." in his ankle. In hindsight, it was a romantic if not a little twisted gesture for an eleven year old. But I liked another boy and I didn't want him to get the wrong idea. So, I made sure everyone at the party knew I thought Branded Boy was totally weird and gross. He was humiliated and he's kind of had a rough life ever since. Hopefully, the burn marks healed and my very public rejection didn't leave him scarred. The good news is...almost twenty years later, we're Facebook friends. Yay.

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