Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the hope & change BLOW OFF?

Two years ago was one of the happiest and most inspiring days of my life. The months and weeks leading up to the 2008 election were tense and nerve wracking and I literally didn't know if I'd be able to survive a McCain/Palin victory (I mean, I was inconsolable when Kerry lost). That's why I traveled to Las Vegas with my cousins to go door to door and ask Nevadans to vote for Obama. Some yelled at us, some slammed the door in our faces, some cheered us on. The days leading up to the election, I devoted my time to cold calling people and asking them, no begging them, to vote. I was way too emotionally invested in this election. Eight years of Bush/Cheney had made me fragile.

Watching Obama give his victory speech that night was nothing short of amazing. Not because I was alive to see the country elect its first black president, but because it felt like all of our work wasn't in vain. It's hard to believe only two years later, we're in a position where we need to restore sanity.

A lot has happened since that night: good and bad. Contrary to popular belief, the stimulus has worked (maybe not as fast as we would have liked it to), a health care bill has passed (maybe not one that we can all get behind), an oil spill quickly became one of the largest environmental catastrophes, Sarah Palin did not hide under a rock, and a tea party no longer conjures up happy childhood memories.

I haven't lost as much faith in Barry O as I have in the other side. The filibuster has been the ultimate blow off. Conservatives don't care if the rest of us suffer as long as they can make this administration look incompetent. Those Republicans are fucking assholes. And don't even get me started with the likes of Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the effing tea party. These people are racist, homophobic, ignorant, fear mongers that are petrified by progress. It's actually kind of amusing to watch them grasp at straws like Obama's birth certificate.

I for one still have my Obama bumper sticker, even though I swear some people purposely drive like a-holes behind me on the freeway. Things aren't great, but I truly believe they'd be a million times worse with McCain and Palin in office. And even though the dems are bound to lose the House today and I wish they'd get bigger balls, I'm still a believer in all that hope and change stuff. And if Obama doesn't get re-elected and the next two years go from bad to worse, then maybe, just maybe proposition 19 will pass in Cali and we can all numb the pain by getting stoned 24/7. Either way, don't blow off the polls. Get out there and vote. If not for yourself, then for all the people in the world that don't have the same right.

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