Monday, December 27, 2010

age & the BLOW OFF

Now that I'm gearing up to get hitched, I'm coming to terms with the fact that there will be no new dating experiences in my future. In many ways, this is a total blessing--- but I have to admit, I kind of regret the fact that I never went through an older man phase. There were always girls in high school that dated twenty-five year olds, but not me. I guess I always figured twenty-five year old guys that dated sixteen year old girls were also the types of guys that would one day appear on Dateline Predator. And anyway, I couldn't even really find any sixteen year old guys to date me, so the chances of hooking up with an older man were slim to none.

But when I was in college I spent a summer taking a class at NYU and I met a super wealthy hedge fund manager who drove an SUV (in Manhattan) and lived in the same building as David Bowie. I was twenty at the time and he was probably thirty. Most girls would have been all about this guy. But the age difference made me nervous. I was still in college. He had a career. I was living in a messy NYU dorm, he was living in a posh loft in Soho. He could get into bars, I was using my sister's ID to order drinks. We were destined for failure. After two dates, I never called him again. Plus, his favorite band was 311, so I knew that would always come between us.

Significant age differences are bound to get in the way at one point or another. If one person is at the marrying age and their significant other doesn't see themselves settling down for another five years or so, it could lead to a blow off. If a woman wants babies in her near future and her boyfriend is a baby, chances are that could lead to a blow off too. (see Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.)

Sure, Ashton and Demi are making it work now (despite his cheating allegations), but what's gonna happen when she's seventy and he's only fifty-five? And do you think right about now Catherine Zeta Jones wishes Michael Douglas wasn't twenty-five years older than her, so they'd have a longer future together?

What do you think, readers? Ever dated someone significantly older or younger? Did the age difference eventually get in the way or in the words of the late great Aaliyah (who allegedly married R Kelly when he was 27 and she was 15) do you agree that age ain't nothing but a number?


  1. Hugh Hefner + Crystal Harris 4 ever -

    and by 4ever I mean like when Hef kicks it.

  2. omg, so funny TN. I wrote this post before those two announced their engagement. So gross.