Monday, December 20, 2010

Glossary of a BLOW OFF: a "chomantic."

function: noun
Origin: since the advent of the mix tape
Definition: a guy that takes the whole romance thing to cheesy ass epic proportions.
(Gary seemed like a cool guy, but on our first date he serenaded me with a cover of More Than Words and then recited a poem he'd written about me. What a fucking chomantic.)

Okay, don't get me wrong. Romance isn't always cheesy. And yes, some people do like it. But when it's over the top and predictable and comes way too soon in a's kind of embarrassing. Like, for instance--- guys who make you mixed CDs or send you roses to work two weeks in. Contrary to popular belief, ladies don't necessarily like dudes that make themselves super available in the early stages of a relationship. We don't want you to be assholes, but we don't want you to lay it on too thick either.

Instead of playing the cheesy romance card, play the thoughtful card instead. For instance, the F word scored major points with me when Christmas rolled around and we'd only been dating for six weeks. He bought me a present, but it wasn't lingerie or jewelry or perfume or a dozen long stemmed roses. It was a set of chopsticks. I'd been working late at the office a couple weeks prior and complained to him on the phone that I'd just gotten Chinese food, but they forgot the chopsticks. And that I always hated when that happened. It was just a side note conversation, but he remembered it.

So, drop the chomance guys. Cause it's actually the small things that go a long way.

PS For the record, I love mixed CDs.

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