Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the "i want you back" BLOW OFF

I know I've told a few stories about my high school boyfriend (the one who wore the top hat and cape to prom...), but I don't think I've ever fessed up about the fact that I dumped him in college, then successfully won him back.

Here's how it all went down. We'd stupidly decided to stay together even though I was going away to college. I was a late bloomer and the guy was my first kiss, so clearly I felt attached. And then something crazy happened. I met a cute older boy with a long board who was going through a tumultuous break up with his supermodel girlfriend and for some reason he took a liking to me. He was from the same hometown as my roommate and was best friends with her very on again/off again boyfriend. This guy, who I know I've mentioned in multiple posts was a serious ego boost. He wasn't exactly Brad Pitt, but his personality suggested he was even hotter. And he could dance to James Brown like no other. The degree of sexual tension was something my 18 year old self had never ever experienced.

And even though I never technically cheated on my high school BF, Long Board boy did sleep in my bed on a few occasions. Wait? Does cuddling count as cheating? Whatever, that's not what this post is about. Finally, my roommate helped me realize I needed to dump my boyfriend. I called him on the phone and told him I couldn't do long distance anymore, then cried my eyes out from the guilt. Full disclosure: it took less than 72 hours for months of sexual tension with Long Board guy to finally get unleashed. But seriously, I felt really really guilty.

And then with all that sexual tension gone, things fizzled pretty quickly with Long Board. And come spring quarter, he decided to go live in a tent in the woods somewhere and left me all by my lonesome. The worst part was...my ex had moved on. His best friend back home had started dating this new girl and he slowly started dating her best friend. I felt like I got the wind knocked out of me when I found out he went to see the Matrix with her. Suddenly, it hit me: I still loved him!!!

No, I didn't. In hindsight, I couldn't believe he wasn't still pining after me and that suddenly there were no boys in my life. I tried to date other guys, but it was no use. I couldn't get my death metal loving ex boyfriend out of my head. Especially since he had recently cut off his super long blond girl hair and looked better than ever.

I went home that summer and we hung out a few times and I told him I still loved him and wanted to get back together. So...he dumped his new girlfriend and took me back. The poor girl was brokenhearted and it was all because of me being selfish. Then on Halloween, my high school boyfriend dumped me. And when he showed up at my dorm room unannounced on Valentine's day and got down on one knee begging for me to take him back...I said...no. Cause I don't take anyone back. (that's a lie. I took back Long Board Guy.)


  1. I'm cracking up in Brooklyn. Also, I like how you describe it as "on & off" rather than "screwing & fighting". Thanks for that.

  2. LOL! You were always so discreet about the screwing part that I felt I needed to respect that. awww, brings back so many memories!!

  3. I just threw away all of my pride and asked for another chance with the guy I'd been seeing. But he said "sorry bad timing :( i am kinda seeing someone at the moment." And yes he used an emoticon. Pretty sure I will never ask fofr another chance again

    1. EWWWW. He used an emoticon?! WTF. The one silver lining is-- even though it totally sucks-- at least you don't have to look back in six months and think what would have happened if you'd only reached out to him. think of the emoticon as the kick in the ass you need to move on to something better.

  4. I needed this today..The on again/off again bf and I are off for good. Begged me for a chance, I was full of pride. Then I let go and begged him. He took me back while still talking to all the girls he was talking to while we were broken up. Sucks, but lesson learned. Never go backwards.