Monday, December 6, 2010

men, multi-tasking, and the BLOW OFF

At the risk of breaking rule #4 in our dude's list of how not to lose a guy ("stop comparing things that we do, to things that you do") I feel it's my editorial duty to shed light on an issue that's bothered girls for years. Why are guys so shitty at multi-tasking when chicks are so good at it?!

Here's the phenomenon us ladies have experienced since the beginning of time. If a guy that we're dating or interested in dating has one itty-bitty portion of his life in disarray, he can't handle being in a relationship at the same time. Like, if he just moved into a new apartment OR just got laid off OR just started a new job OR just enrolled in grad school OR just got his haircut. Boyfriend completely falls apart.

Personally, I've been the victim of this a couple of times. Mainly with guys who can't handle adjusting to a new city and dating a girl at the same time. One of the rockier periods with my F- word was during the first few months he moved to LA and was adjusting to a new town and a new job. Luckily, we survived the rough patch.

So, here's my question to the dudes out there. Is this whole "I can't be in a relationship until I get my shit together" thing a giant farce and just a convenient excuse for blowing us off? OR, do you really have a tough time dating someone when you don't totally feel like "the man." Remember, break it to us gently. Or we'll go bat shit crazy on your ass.

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