Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the shit hits the fan BLOW OFF

Earlier today in our post When I Say Couples, You Say Swap, we mentioned the New York Time's piece in the Vows section on the scandalous union of Carol Anne Riddell and John Partilla. Well, we thought we should post this follow up article about the backlash their cheating hearts have caused.

Here's the cutesy New York Times article that set off a frenzy in the comments section.

Here's the article on the backlash, with the groom admitting he regrets the original write up. (Carol has no regrets. Cause she's selfish).

This whole thing is super dishy! I LOVE Carol's ex-husbands quotes. I'm totally on team jilted ex's. In case you were wondering, the moral of this story is don't flaunt your love if other people were fucked over in the process of you getting together. Duh!

Thanks to Melissa L for bringing this story to our attention in the first place. We love a good scandal, especially when it includes wealthy New Yorkers.

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