Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Bachelor Poll: to BLOW OFF or not to BLOW OFF

Hi Readers,

I know the last time I recapped Bachelor Pad, I swore I'd never watch any show on ABC that had anything to do with Bachelors...but now there's a new season starting tonight and I'm wondering if we should get over ourselves and go back to weekly recaps.

But before I set my DVR, let's take a poll. Should the BLOW OFF watch the bachelor and write weekly recaps?

Answer below. If the yays outweigh the nays, then we'll jump back on the bandwagon. Cause after all, Brad Womack is a changed man. (PS I never watched the previous season he was on...)


  1. Ugh I can't respond to the poll because neither answer suites me. My response "Yes, do the recaps because there is no way in effing hell i'm going to watch this 2 time loser on TV, but i will read your ever so clever recaps."

  2. Can I make a confession?

    I voted no twice....

    I think the bachelor posts are the only posts I haven't read since the site started.

  3. hahahahahaha. that's why I love you O. My confession is that I voted Yes once.