Monday, January 17, 2011

the BLOW OFF has a dream

On this historic day celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday, the BLOW OFF would like to talk about some of our own dreams. Civil dating rights, that is.

The BLOW OFF has a dream....

...that when someone says they'll text (or call), they will.

...that all our single friends who want to be in love, will find someone worthy of their awesomeness.

...that we'll all try to be a little kinder with our blow offs. And that more of you will write about them on this blog.

....that gay marriage will become legal in all 50 states.

...that the divorce rate will go down.

...that people will think twice before they cheat.

...that girls will stop snooping through cell phones and email accounts.

...that one day all women will have orgasms as easily as their male counterparts.

...that we won't neglect our friends or family, because we're finally getting a little somethin' somethin'

...that we'll have the guts to get out of relationships that aren't making us happy.

...that we'll love and respect the one we're with (as long as they deserve it.)

When you look at everything Dr. King accomplished, our dream should be easy as pie. Come on peeps, let's make it happen. Maybe we need to organize a BLOW OFF march. A peaceful assembly of jilted daters holding hands and singing We Shall Overcome.

Hmmm, when you think about it in comparison to the Civil Rights Era, our problems seem kind of minor. Minus legalizing gay marriage, that's one I'd hope MLK would be all for if he were alive today.

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