Thursday, February 3, 2011

the BLOW OFF myth buster #1: I like you so much, it scares me

Calling all straight boys: we need your help with this one.

Here's the scenario. Boy meets girl. Boy is super intense about girl. Boy starts backing off. Girl has panic attacks. Boy says he's not ready to be in a relationship. Girl and all her friends agree that boy likes her so much it SCARES him.

Yes, the old fear of intimacy excuse. According to the gospel He's Just Not That Into You--- if a guy likes you, nothing will stop them from being with you, even a supposed case of F.O.I. But that book was published seven years ago...and there is no 2nd edition...(actually, according to Amazon, there's an expanded edition, but do we really need more reasons men don't want us? Who has time for that?)

So, Boys: have you ever avoided a relationship with someone, because you weren't ready for how much you liked them? Like maybe they were the type of girl you marry and that scared you enough to call it quits? Or is this just a total myth and us girls will come up with any excuse to console ourselves after we've been rejected?

Bust the myth yo. Comment below.


  1. "So, Boys: have you ever avoided a relationship with someone, because you weren't ready for how much you liked them?"

    Definitely, not. And, really, I can't say I know of anyone who has.

    I have however avoided relationships with a lot of girls who I think would've been fun to date. That's kind of similar, I guess. I've mentioned this many times already, but I tend to do that because I find that long term they don't match what I'm looking for, and decide it's best to just avoid it all together. But it also happens if they make things too serious too quickly, and then it's no longer fun since I can't avoid thinking about how shitty the blowoff will be for them. And I'm talking pre-6 months stage.

    On that note, I've found that some of the most fun I've had dating was with someone who was waaaay older than me (though I didn't know it when first hitting on her, she looked good!), and who--because she had kids my age--had said that we could never be serious. That made it so much easier to just have fun and not worry about the other b.s.

  2. agree with O. nobody dumps a girl because they like them too much. thats just a line to let girls down easy.

    also agree with O that some guys dump girls because the long term makes no sense. most typically this happens after they sleep with the girl. more than once if the girl is hot.

  3. if boy likes girl he won't get scared off. scared, busy, not ready: all b.s. reasons to release a girl that a boy may like, but not like enough to continue seeing.

  4. Thanks for your honesty, men! More myth busters to come in the future.

  5. If a second edition of He's Just Not That Into You ever came out, I'll shoot myself.

    Same goes for the movie.

    PS: You boys are all lame. I'm going lesbian.

  6. ok fine, i'm not going lesbian, that was a lie.

    but can we just stop with the lame blowoffs? i'm getting too old and my tolerance (and heart) is weakening.

    yes, i'm projecting here.