Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Can The Blown Off Speak?

So, as the resident Blow Off academic (read nerd), I want to draw your guys’ attention to a famous essay in cultural studies written by Gayatri Spivak called, “Can the Subaltern Speak?” [I’ve linked to it so you can see how easy it is to abuse for our purposes. After all, no one really knows wtf Spivak is talking about anyways]. See, Spivak basically claims that we can consider those subaltern whose experiences can neither be expressed/nor understood through the dominant power structures of the day. Not only does their marginal position prohibit them access to the power structures necessary to express themselves, but just as importantly, their being the cultural Other makes their experiences incomprehensible to the dominant frameworks of cognition. Ya, I know, a bunch of nerd speak. But in other words, subalterns can't speak. They're some mute ass motherfuckers.

No really though, have you ever stopped to think just what we’re doing here? I mean, let’s stop for a minute. Here we are on a blog laughing and joking about ancient Persian poets who’ve gotten blown off, about the time our Jesus-freak bosses blew us off, or about how we shouldn’t blow off friends just because we’re too busy planning for our wedding (in case you had forgotten, that last one is a reference to the loveable, yet ever so fraudulent creator of the site).

The last thing in the world any of us who have gotten blown off—I mean really blown off, you know, the kind that fucks with your head so bad you don’t feel like breathing—would want to do, would be to write about. At least definitely not while while going through it. We’ve all been there, no doubt. But it’s not an experience that can be communicated in writing. The point we’re reflecting on it with a wistful, but lightened heart, is the point we’ve moved on into fraud territory. In other words, the experience of being Blown Off is like being the cultural Other who can't express himself through hegemonic discourse.

At this point some grad school nerd will feel the need to make a smart ass comment chiding me about how I got Spivak's essay all wrong, but you get the point. [Btw, if you really thought about doing that, do us all a favor and go jump off a bridge]. Plus, I bet if Spivak knew of this post she’d find some random German word with all sorts of intricate meanings to describe how the Blown Off really can’t speak (Are you laughing now...biyaaatch?!) Seriously though, go look at her essay, she’s famous for that shit.

The conclusion? Being blown off really sucks --I mean really, really sucks. And it’s easy to forget that. So this post is dedicated to anyone who has ever read this site and hated everyone on it, because he/she* was actually going through a real blow off. Today, we salute you.

*In case you needed anymore proof that I'm the site's resident grad school nerd, I even threw a 'he/she' in for you.

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  1. this post makes me feel like i need to go back to college! I agree with the overall message, this site doesn't really capture how painful a blow off can be. but maybe that's a good thing, it shows people that one day they will be laughing about their current break up--- some time in the far and distant future!