Thursday, February 24, 2011

Celebrity Couple Flashback: Bennifer

I've always had a girl crush on Jennifer Lopez (pre-JLO years) and I have to admit, I'm kind of loving her on American Idol. Not only is she all pretty and shiny to look at, but she's been really encouraging with most of the kids that have auditioned so far. (what? It's all a PR stunt? lalalalalalala I can't hear you.)

Anyway, my love for Jennifer got me all nostalgic for 2002, when Ben and Jen became Bennifer.
They were the first major celeb couple that got a joint nickname (soap fans had been doing the combo couple name for years with their favorite soap couples). Some say the nickname was the beginning of the end for Jenny from the Block and Benny from The Town...

At the time, I thought Jen and Ben's love was a little over the top. That must have been when he started slicking his hair back and she started sporting that giant tacky pink diamond. But lately, I've been dreaming of them getting back together...because I have to believe they're both still in love with each other. Honestly. Don't you think Ben Affleck waits for Jennifer Garner to fall asleep and then tiptoes down to his man cave to watch episodes of Idol on his secret DVR? I do.

Ben Affleck blamed the media shit storm surrounding his romance with Lopez on the fact that they were so different. She was Latina, he was a white boy from Boston. It was the first interracial relationship ever. They were supposed to get married in September 2003, but broke up instead. Jennifer married Marc Anthony (the pale scrawny non-"white" Puerto Rican with the voice of an angel) in June of 2004. Three weeks later, Affleck got married to Garner (a white non "Latina" from the south). She gave birth to their first daughter in December 2005 (can you say married to their rebounds?)

It's been almost eight years since their demise, but everyone knows if Ben Affleck sent JLO a Facebook message saying he still had feelings for her, she'd get back together with him in a heartbeat and they'd have their own little multi-racial Brady Bunch. Sigh. If only...


  1. For your wedding, I'm definitely channeling Jenny. She's so HOTTTTTT

  2. Bry thinks I'm a straight up lesbian because every time J lo's on screen I swoon.