Monday, March 14, 2011

the Adjustment BLOW OFF: a film review

The Adjustment Bureau is not one of Matt Damon's best films. It probably doesn't even come near his top ten (To be fair, it is one of John Slattery's best films). But it did make me feel better about all of my previous BLOW OFFS. Here's why. In a nutshell, David (Damon's character) meets this hot British chick Elise (played by the non-annoying and charming Emily Blunt). Like every other cute girl in every other movie, she's fun and witty and slightly aloof. He falls madly in love with her after two conversations. Then, a bunch of guys straight out of Mad Men start chasing him all around New York. Apparently, David and Elise can't end up together, because it's not part of the plan God (or in this case "the chairman") has laid out for them.

David pursues Elise anyway, until one of the scary hat guys tells him that being with her will mean crushing all his career dreams and hers. David does the far far better thing and BLOWS her OFF, only to regret it later.

Damon and Blunt have a crapload of chemistry. And by chemistry, I mean they look super hot holding hands and running all over New York City. The movie has some exposition problems and there are too many scenes where we get the rules of the "adjustment bureau" explained to us. (Like their hats allow them to travel through portals AND they're a lot more fuzzy about keeping people on plan near bodies of water. Um, seriously. All of Elise and David's problems could have been solved if they just sailed away on a boat.)

Criticisms aside, the film ultimately takes a stand for free will and a stand against the pre-destined. And that's something I can get behind. It also poses the question of what provides us with true happiness: love or career or stylish fedoras?

Here's why the movie made me feel better about getting BLOWN OFF. Clearly, all the guys that have rejected me in the past only blew me off, because scary guys in hats were chasing them and told them that if I ended up with them, all my dreams of being a writer would be crushed. OR just when they went to call me up, some scary guy in a hat burned my phone number.

Also, for all the people out there contemplating how to blow someone off--- hire me. I'll sport a fedora and carry a notebook with weird hexagons all over the place and tell the person you're breaking up with that their future has been adjusted and they can't be with you. Done and done!

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