Monday, March 7, 2011

BLOW OFF mythbuster #2: Girls really can have casual sex.

We can't. At least not for an extended period of time. I know my fellow ladies are going to be pissed off at me for saying this and may argue the opposite, but I don't know any girl (including myself) that's truly handled the casual sex thing well. UNLESS...

*We're not at all attracted to the guy. Maybe it's his man boobs or his dbag personality or he's way too old or way too young, but deep down we just know that this guy is not someone we'd ever introduce to our friends or parents. Strangely enough, ugly dudes are sometimes the best lays. We know we're hotter than them and that makes us way less self conscious.

*We know we'll never see you again. Cause like we're on vacation and you look good all sun kissed and sitting at that swim up bar. But we're not living in a fantasy world. There's no sex that's good enough for a long distance relationship with a guy that lives in Tulsa.

*We're lesbians and after having way too much to drink we decided to give cock a try again.

*We just met another guy we like way better than you and we're moving on to them. When you get all sad and doe eyed about it, we shrug and say "I thought we were just keeping things casual."

*We're a fictional television character named Samantha.

So. If you're hot and funny, we'll eventually want more. If you live in close proximity, we'll want to go on dates. If you find someone you want to get serious with before we do, we'll get our feelings hurt.

But here's another freebie myth-buster for you. This does not mean you shouldn't have sex with us, even if you know you're not all that interested in anything beyond casual humping. The only thing worse than a relationship gone awry is one that goes awry without anyone getting boned in the process. Total time-waster.

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