Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Divorce Shower: A BLOW OFF interview

There's nothing we love more at the BLOW OFF then when we hear from one of our readers. A couple weeks ago, we received an email from Beth P all the way in Florida. Beth runs a Divorce Shower Store which we thought was pretty ingenious. Their motto: It's fun to be one. It got us thinking...divorce is one of the biggest BLOW OFFs there is and yet we've barely scratched the surface of it on this blog. Beth was kind enough to let us interview her on the topic. We think she's pretty awesome, read her answers below and make sure to check out her site.

Divorce is one of the ultimate BLOW OFFs, can you give us a little background on your experience with it and how you got through it?
Let's just say I've been there,done that and got the tshirt. As a divorcee myself I can totally relate. It's like all of your emotions are caught up in a tornado spinning out of control. It's the single most dramatic EXperience I have ever been through. The only way I was able to really get a grasp was to focus on a goal and tell myself "no one ever died from a broken heart." I put my biggest smile on and headed out with the girls for a night on town just to remind myself that my life didn't stop but started over so what I chose to make of it was up to me.

What made you decide to start the divorce shower store? What do you hope it brings your clients?
I find that when most people go through a divorce they are in need of two things. First, they need support and what better way than to have a party to celebrate the end of an error. Second, many people lose a lot of material items in the big split including everyday living items such as utensils and even pots and pans. Let's face it, divorce is costly for both parties and these items may be difficult for someone to replace. What better way to put a smile on someone's face who is going through a divorce than to give them a much needed gift? Divorce Shower Store was created to do both. It is my goal to have a store focused solely on the needs of divorce and to show my customers that they can heal through laughter and find good out of this emotional roller coaster. Divorce Shower Store has a wide variety of customers. I have friends looking to cheer up whomever is going through it to people celebrating each year on the date their divorce was final.

Did creating the business help with your healing process?
I actually created the store a long time after my divorce. It wasn't until I healed from my own divorce that I understood how others felt during this time. Over the years I have had many friends and family members go through it and it always left me wondering what I could do to help. Now, it's my turn to reach out to others and help them through it.

What's your perspective on relationships and love now? Has it changed?
Surprisingly enough, this is the number one question I get asked and the answer is I am pro-love. I just believe you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince. As so many of my customers share their ups and downs with me, it brings me great pleasure to assure them it's never too late to find true love and that this is just like the end of the chapter in their great book of life.

In a lot of BLOW OFF scenarios, we have the luxury of never seeing our ex again. That's not always true when you've been married to the person. Can you give our readers a little advice on navigating those waters?

Each divorce has it's own EXasperating details. Most of my customers never ever want to see that person who just ripped their heart out ever again. In fact, they are more interested in starting their new lives changing everything that is negative in their lives. That includes them ending the relationship with the words "ba-bye." Of course, I encourage those with children to always keep the communication open as they do need to have contact. Well at least until the children are of age and then kick out the arrivederci's.

What's the best piece of advice you were given when you were going through your break up? Any wisdom you'd like to impart on our readers who are going through a break up right now?
With most people angry and anxious to "get back" at the other person this is what I like to tell them. The best way to get back at an ex is to live better in my opinion so take each divorce as it is and show that man/woman that you can do this and survive with the best out of life. It'll make them wonder what they lost. Karma is a powerful woman and she always strikes the revengeful person. Don't be that person. Also, give yourself one year to heal. You didn't fall in love with this person overnight so don't EXpect to fall out of love overnight.

The BLOW OFF would like to thank Beth for taking the time to do an interview with us and to give such insightful answers. If you have any burning desires to share your own insights on breaks up, email us at

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