Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor: Queen of all BLOW OFFs

In honor of Elizabeth Taylor's life and legacy, we'd like to take a moment to remember her three biggest BLOW OFFs (plus a bonus anti-blow off). Yes, the woman was a legend in every way, but most of all she'll be remembered for her eight marriages and seven husbands. Here are some highlights.

Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Todd
This is the only marriage Elizabeth Taylor had that didn't end in divorce. This blow off was much more devastating...Todd was killed in a plane crash one year into their marriage. Elizabeth was supposed to be on the flight with him, but stayed behind due to a cold. (Who does that remind you of? Emily from The Bachelor?) Michael & Elizabeth had a daughter who was eight months old at the time of his death and named her little Ricki (okay, just kidding about the name).

Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Fisher
Elizabeth was distraught after Todd's death and sought comfort in the arms of his best friend: Eddie Fisher. There was only one problem, Eddie was married to Elizabeth's bestie Debbie Reynolds (didn't we try to warn you about couple friends?) Debbie and Eddie's daughter, Carrie Fisher (AKA Princess Leia) says the love triangle was the Brad, Angelina, and Jennifer of their day. Eddie and Elizabeth married, but divorced after five years. Debbie got the last laugh, she's outlived them both now.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton
Elizabeth's longest marriage (ten years!) and the only guy she married twice. Their second go round lasted less than a year. Their marriage was said to be a lot like the one they portrayed in the film Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf? In his lifetime, Burton allegedly had affairs with men as well.

Elizabeth Taylor & Michael Jackson (the anti-blow off)
Now, even though they weren't married, we feel the need to recognize the friendship between Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. After all, she was one of the few people that never blew him off. I hope they are in some really chic part of heaven right now catching up and figuring out the game plan for when she runs into Todd, Fisher, and Burton...

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