Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the time I almost BLEW OFF my future bestie

You know when you're at a bar or at a grocery store or at the mall and you run into someone you know, but for whatever reason you really don't feel like saying hello? Maybe you're not wearing your cutest outfit or you have a zit or you've gained five pounds, but the thought of making small talk is more intimidating than climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. So. There's only one thing you can do. Pretend you don't see the person and never say hello to them. I've done this endless times. It's what I call the "I don't feel like saying hi" BLOW OFF.

Well, I almost did this to one of my best friends before she became one of my best friends and I don't think I ever told her. That friend is one of our very own contributors. I'll give you a clue: she's a single Asian female named Kayoko.

The details are hazy. I had been living in New York for about five or six months. It was winter and it was freezing out. I went to the movies in Union Square with some friends to see what I think was 25th Hour. It was either before the movie or after the movie, but out of nowhere I saw my old friend Kayoko. We had gone to the same middle school and saw each other once in awhile during our high school years even though we went to rival schools (I actually went stag to her school's winter formal. Figure that one out.) We pretty much lost track of each other in college (keep in mind, there was no social networking at that time), so I was pretty surprised to see her. But for some reason, I panicked. I didn't feel like saying hi. I didn't like my outfit. It was cold and my skin was pasty and my nose was red and I probably had snot dripping everywhere. I was just going to pretend I didn't see her, but then that dreaded thing happened...she saw me and came over to say hello.

It was actually so comforting to see someone from home in a crazy big city where I only knew a handful of people. I instantly felt like a chump for not saying hi and was so excited to hear Kayoko wasn't just visiting, but living in New York too. We exchanged phone numbers and got together for drinks pretty soon after.

Drinks turned into weekly dinners and weekends of bar hopping for the next three years of living in New York together and we've been besties ever since. And to think...I almost blew her off and never even said hello. I would have missed out on one of the best relationships of my life. So, next time, when you run into an old friend, don't fuck it up. Say hi.


  1. Oh My God, it's me!!! No joke, I woke up this morning and thought, "I really need a good Blow Off post right now for a few laughs." Pretty exhausted over here!

    I had no idea you were never gonna call me, shame on you!

    Kidding. Actually, like any first date, calling the person is the hardest part. I actually recall it taking a while to finally meet up, cause it was "SO cold" and we were "SO busy". I think it was actually Shawn Merani who chatted me and was like "I heard you saw Sara, you guys should hang out."

    Ha! Love you Shawn!!

    Besties forever.

  2. I would have called you, dork! I just wasn't going to say hello to you in the first place. hahaha. Shawn Merani Forever!!! We will definitely have to invite him to our civil union ceremony.