Monday, April 25, 2011

the "i want you to want me" BLOW OFF

Usually when two people break up, one half of the relationship isn't ready for things to be over. That person has two choices: they can either take the end in stride and move on OR they can continue to pursue their ex and try to win them back. Thus, the dumper tells the dumpee to let them go and often resorts to cruelty to make it clear that the relationship is really truly over for good.

David Arquette and Courtney Cox's separation is the perfect example of this kind of break up (at least from what I've seen and heard on the likes of Oprah). Apparently, she wanted out, he didn't. He wants her back, she's not into it.

I believe Courtney's in for a rude awakening. Eventually, when you push the dumpee away enough times...they'll actually listen to you and move on. And then all of a sudden, you want them to want you again. When you get so used to someone falling at your feet and wanting to be with you, it can be a shock to the system when they suddenly fall for someone else. This is what I call the "i want you to want me" blow off. You don't actually want to date the person anymore, you just don't want them to date anyone else and stop fawning over you. Once they disappear, it's an unexpected ego blow.

I crawled back to an ex-boyfriend after I broke up with him only after he started dating someone else. There was a period of time after our break up that he kept begging me to reconsider, but I refused. Then, suddenly--- the emails and phone calls stopped and I found out he was dating a new girl. Before I knew it, he was all I thought about. I HAD TO HAVE HIM BACK. stat. We ended up getting back together and it was sick and wrong, because I didn't really want him, I just wanted to win.

So, readers--- have you ever been annoyed about that lingering ex, only to suddenly have serious feelings for them once they backed off? If so, comment below. And David Arquette, if you're reading this...if you really want her back, pretend to fall madly in love with someone else.


  1. So true! I think it happens in every break-up, to a degree.

  2. Valentina Garcia-LosteNovember 9, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    Um, there's a solid chance that I've never actually liked a boyfriend until I see them with their next girlfriend.