Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the double betrayal BLOW OFF

The whole double betrayal thing is like my worst nightmare. This is when your sig other falls in love and gets it on with your bestie. Oh, hell to the no. I would totally be the woman that would run them both over in my Mini Cooper outside of the Motel 6, while listening to "I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain at top volume.

Speaking of Shania, she was on Oprah yesterday FINALLY dishing about the double betrayal she went through a few years ago when she learned her husband (Mutt, that's his name) of 14 years was having an affair with her best friend (Marie-Anne). I love when celebrities get all candid when they're promoting a book-slash-reality show and Shania did not hold back. Basically, while she was confiding in Marie-Anne about her marital problems, Marie-Anne was banging Mutt behind her back. Shania said she'd ask her bff if she'd noticed that her husband was acting weird and Marie-Anne would just reassure her and tell her there was nothing wrong. (I'm vomiting as I write this. There is a cold place in hell for women like this.)

After Shania learned of the affair, she told Oprah she was an emotional mess and didn't want to live. Poor thing had to take like five hot baths a day, because she was cold and shivering all the time. She even wrote an email to her ex-best friend to beg her to back off her husband (excerpt: "Find love from someone else, somewhere else... All of us have to suffer for the two of you. It just isn't right.") Twain called this one of her more pathetic moments, but I'm all for spilling your guts over email. The story does have a happy ending: Shania and Marie-Anne's husband Fred consoled each other, fell in love, and got married last January. Plus, he's way hotter than Mutt.

But sadly, since her divorce, Shania hasn't been able to bring herself to sing again. Mutt wasn't just her husband, but he was her music producer fact, she'd never written a song without him. And even though she's married and essentially moved on, she's still pissed about how everything went down. In fact, she and Mutt share a son and Shania admitted she doesn't allow Marie-Anne to be a part of his life. She told Mutt that if they have any contact, she and the kid would move to the other side of the world. You go, Shania!!! All of us at the BLOW OFF salute you.

Note to self: never write a song about anyone.


  1. Reminds me of one of my favorite Chris Rock stands pieces -

  2. Call me a total prude, but I'm so not into the partner switching thing. It's so incestuous and just fucking weird to me.

    Or is it totally normal??? Am I missing out on true love by not dating my ex's best friend? Who, coincidentally, is the exbf of one of my closest friends.

    Oh god, and don't get me started on best friends dating their partner's best friends. Very. Bad. Idea.