Friday, May 13, 2011

hollywood, women, and the BLOW OFF

Huge announcement: I have a cause! No, it's not Autism or the dolphins or teen pregnancy (although, yeah, these things are all really important and I'll put them on my to-do list in just a sec.) It's a little foundation I like to call WAFT which stands for "Women are Funny. Trust."

I started The Women are Funny. Trust. Foundation after I read an article on Anna Faris in The New Yorker's April 11th issue entitled Funny Like a Guy. Faris is a comedic genius (yes, genius), but the article claims that the odds are against funny actresses who want a career like Seth Rogen's. Basically, Hollywood is totally BLOWING off us ladies and here's why:

*Men dominate in Hollywood and dudes mostly write for dudes. (Only 17% of producers, directors, and writers in Hollywood are female. Fuck that!) In the article, Judd Appatow is quoted as saying "The reality is, I'm a dude and I understand the dude thing. So, I lean men just the way Spike Lee leans African-American."

*Men rule when it comes to going to the movies and they won't see anything girly. Ever. There's way more of a chance that a girl will agree to see The Expendables with her boyfriend than him agreeing to see Something Borrowed.

*Men just don't get women. They don't understand the female nuances that make a character like Bridget Jones funny. (really? come on dudes. step it up.)

*Women are too vain to be funny. According to Keenan Ivory Wayans, vanity impedes most actress's efforts at humor. (Yo, actresses. Is this for reals true?)

As someone who's trying to make a living as a writer and who was born without a penis (unless it's tucked up somewhere in me, which apparently would do wonders for my career...) this is upsetting news. I want there to be more raunchy funny movies about women. I want to be able to write a movie about a group of girlfriends without feeling like it's a giant waste of time, because no one will ever buy it. The stakes are high: if one female ensemble bombs, it deters studios from the genre completely. How many dude movies fail all the time? I mean, Your Highness was awful and didn't make a lot of money...but I seriously doubt studio heads are going to put a stop to stoner buddy films.

But enough whining. As the founder of Women are Funny. Trust. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is. People with vaginas, I hope you follow my lead. Here's what you can do to help. The Huffington Post says that Kristin Wiig's new movie, Bridesmaids is the most recent shot at a revolution for raunchy female comedies. Basically, this movie needs to be a huge hit or Hollywood will proceed to BLOW us OFF, while continuously referencing Sex and the City 2. I have high hopes for the film. I read the script and thought it was hilarious. Plus, Judd Apataow produced it and Paul Feig directed it and they'

So, take my word for it and tell your BF or hubby you will get all deep throat on him if he goes to see the movie with you. Or save yourself a blow job and get together with all your girlfriends for a movie night. Myself and six of my closest gf's are going to see it tonight. Stand with us in solidarity. After all, women are funny. Trust.

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