Thursday, May 19, 2011

internet revenge & the BLOW OFF

If I could go back and change one thing about my worst BLOW OFFS, it would be that they happened now instead of five years ago. Think about it. Five years ago, our moms were not on Facebook and no one was tweeting; thus, you couldn't properly embarrass someone for being an asshole. I mean, who wants to go to the trouble of keying someone's car when you can publicly stone them on a social networking site or via an email to all their co-workers?

Here are two of my favorite internet revenge stories to share. The first was brought to my attention yesterday by one of our loyal readers. A friend of hers (let's call her Anna) had just discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her and let him have it on Twitter. The boyfriend is a dancer on tour with a singer that shall go nameless. Apparently, the girlfriend of a fellow tour dancer broke the news to Anna that her BF was cheating on the road. Anna was understandably upset and ripped the cheater a new one on Twitter and posted pictures of their text conversations (in which he begs for her forgiveness). The guy even had to...wait for it...take down his Twitter page for all of several hours. I really wanted to share Anna's hilarious tweets with you, but it turns out she's decided to be the bigger person and has taken them down from Twitter. Anna, we at the BLOW OFF are proud of you. But guess what? We don't have to be the bigger person. Here's the latest tweet from her Ex that we tracked down (I'd like to add that we do not know Anna and was not asked by her to do this):

I got to hand it to these ladies and any girls/guys out there who have exacted revenge after getting effed over by someone they love. Staying classy and staying quiet is highly overrated. By all means, go ahead and express yourself in a "negative way."

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  1. Sara, I'm surprised you haven't covered one of the all-time classic BlowOff shows: Cheaters. It's some of my favorite trashy tv watching material.

    And even if the episode is a boring one, I'll still get a crack out of the sleazy host who acts all super concerned and asks ridiculously corny questions of the cheaters they catch.

  2. OMG, good call. That show is awesome! I'm putting it on my list of future posts.