Monday, May 30, 2011

the memorial day BLOW OFF

I know it's Memorial Day and we're supposed to commemorate the men and women that died in military service (which just makes this holiday an extra depressing version of Veteran's Day), but here at the BLOW OFF, we'd like to take a little time to remember the men and women that totally fucked us over. Or the men and women we fucked over.

R.I.H., exes. (Rest in Hell)

Every so often it's good to reflect on old relationships to remind ourselves why we're lucky we're no longer dating a psycho bitch or a self-involved asshole. Here are some of our favorite BLOW OFF memories we'd like to look back on this national holiday.

*The guy who stands you up on your birthday. Click here to read YoFranny's tale about the loser that never showed up to her 30th birthday dinner. Note to the world: can you wait a day to break up with someone and spare them on their bday?

*The girl who always blows off the nice guy. Click here to read Single Asian Female's confessions about always ditching the good guys for the bad guys. We're pretty sure a few men out there are still nursing broken hearts from the rejection.

*The guy who won't go to prom with you. Click here to read my pathetic tale about getting the guts to ask my high school crush to the Junior Prom, only to have him use money as an excuse to say no.

*The guy you don't even really like who blows you off. Click here to read Ross's hilarious account of dating dudes he wasn't even into in the first place. And getting BLOWN OFF by them.

*And even worse, the girl you really really like who blows you off. Click here to read O's heartbreaking tale of losing out on a potential relationship that could have been his best yet. We're willing to bet the girl is still kicking herself.

*Nothing stings more than the first BLOW OFF. Click here to read St. Clare's story of the high school boy that broke her heart when he ended up having a girlfriend. If it wasn't for the fact that we grew up in different states, I would seriously suspect that he was the same guy that ditched me at junior prom.

Oh, exes...if only we could forget all about you. Except then, this blog wouldn't exist, so I guess you're all good for something.

We highly recommend you play this Sarah McLachlan tune, while reading all these posts. It'll make them a lot funnier.

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