Thursday, June 23, 2011

the autocorrect BLOW OFF

Yesterday, we posted what we thought was a fake autocorrect mishap on an Iphone...but a few days before it went up, we got this post from one of our favorite readers. When you're done perusing our blog, check out hers. It's pretty awesome:

I am divorcing autocorrect. It once told my black friend it's "time for lynch" and changed "harmless" to "hairless" which actually did substantial damage to the gravitas of an email I once sent.

Autocorrect and I are through. But part of me thinks the merry pranksters at Apple keep it shitty to keep us talking about it instead of what a bloated giant the iTunes store is.

There should at least be a "red band" version or "urban dictionary" version.

Autocorrect can f**k off.

Just saying.

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