Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the dodgers BLOW OFF: now we get it!

In case you don't follow sports, but do follow break ups...one of our readers was kind enough to explain to us what the eff is going on with the saga of the Dodgers. It's pretty juicy!

"in a nutshell it's like this: the mccourts bought the dodgers a few years back and began using the team as their own private piggy bank, leeching hundreds of millions of dollars from the team's coffers to fund their lavish lifestyle. they were paying one of their kids a $600,000 a year salary as a team employee...while he was an undergrad at stanford. and that's not even the most egregious waste of money they're responsible for. frank mccourt claims to have found out that jamie was fucking her driver (who the dodgers were paying for, naturally) and filed for divorce. she claims she's entitled to 50% of the team and so they're going to court. the dodgers franchise meanwhile is fucked because mccourt literally doesn't have enough money to pay the team's payroll through the end of the month, so the MLB is considering seizing the team from him."

This is really kind of dishy and being a Giant's fan, I kind of don't mind if the Dodger's franchise falls apart. But if the wife really was having the affair, she should take one for the team (yes, pun totally intended) and walk away with the six houses she's already getting. We'll keep you posted on how this ends.

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