Wednesday, June 22, 2011

is this shit for real?

I mean, I can't figure out how this guy would have had to misspell "jumping" for it to turn into "dumping" via auto correct. Especially, since the J & D buttons are like super far away from each other on a phone.

I call bull shit on this!


  1. My phone autocorrects the craziest shit - it changed "crap" to "veal" and my friend Jillian's name to Million. When I wanted to email a guy on craiglist that I was excited that his furniture was available, I said, "ooooooo", which it corrected as "poop". This doesn't surprise me at all - I totally buy it.

  2. holy crap, auto correct is some fucked up shit.

  3. who gives a shit? take it for what it's funny! so what if it's not real, i'm sure some of it is fabricated but for the most part it's FUNNY!!! get over it and realize there is a lot in the world to smile about...(and not for you to question its intentions)