Thursday, June 16, 2011

make sure your single drops on the same day you break up.

I know we're all still recovering from the shock of Hugh Hefner and his nameless faceless blond fiancee breaking up, but what the very tragic and sad demise of their relationship showed me is that there is an upside to breaking up.

For instance, faceless nameless (apparently she also goes by the name Crystal) decided to call off her wedding just a couple days before the big day...while managing to promote her musical career in the process.

Here is the most amazing statement ever from her publicist.

"spoke to Crystal earlier this morning and she had shared the sad news with me. The breakup was amicable. Crystal will now be focusing on her music career and her new single 'Club Queen,' which was released today."

I want you to listen to this song and picture Hugh doing the running man, followed by the Humpty Dump, and the snake.

1 comment:

  1. I love everything about this. Please, oh please, let there be footage of Hef doing the running man to this song.

    This whole story is so wonderfully ridiculous, gross and cynical. Or maybe I'm the cynic and it was true love all along. I do enjoy how, by comparison, this makes Anna Nicole Smith's grandpa wedding look almost...innocent.

    I hope they can both pick up the pieces and find love again. I will say this, though: If she's 25 then I'm 13.