Thursday, June 2, 2011

the ryan's roses BLOW OFF

My friends like to make fun of the fact that I love listening to Ryan Seacrest in the mornings, but that's because they've never heard a Ryan's Roses. Seacrest (unlike Chris Harrison, boo!) is the busiest man in show business...between hosting American Idol, E! New Daily, producing a shitload of bad reality TV, and his radio show--- he also exposes cheaters.

In case you've never listened, this is how Ryan's Roses works. A female listener calls up Kiss FM and tells Ryan that she thinks her boyfriend or husband might be cheating on her. Ryan gets one of his staff members to call said cheater and pretend to own a flower store and offer him a bouquet of free flowers, no strings attached. She then asks the guy who he'd like to send them to and what he'd like the card to say. This is the moment in the conversation that I start having palpitations. Basically, if the guy gives his wife or girlfriend's name-- it's a pretty good indication he's not cheating on her...but on more than a few occasions, he gives the name of the other woman. It's AWFUL. Below is probably the WORST call I've ever heard. Take a listen, you will not fucking believe what happens:

Can you believe this shit?? I love the moment where he's clearly trying to decide which wife to send the flowers to. I searched high and low for an update and this is what I was able to recover based on the Ryan's Roses Facebook Fan page (of which I am NOT a member):

Here's an Update: Andrea found out that her husband of 8 years had married another woman in another state ~ She kicked him out and went through his emails, found Jamie's (the 2nd wife's) phone number, called her and told her everything... ready for the shocker... He had been married to Jamie for more than 3 years and they have a child together.
    • Andrea Pinga Oh my God!!!! Thats crazy!!! How is that possible? They werent able to know that he's married through his social or somethin even from other state?! Thats crazy and illegal!!! He can go to court for that!
      May 10 at 5:48pm
    • Andrea Pinga So what did Jamie say?
      May 10 at 5:50pm
    • Beatriz Rodriguez They didn't interview Jamie but Andrea said Jamie seemed unaware of the affair or the circumstances they were both in. Andrea didn't want any further contact with either of them. She didn't want to dwell on it and just wants to move on with her life. She added that if she had children with him, perhaps it would be different. She seemed strong and very well composed.
      May 10 at 6:18pm ·
Back to me: this shit is seriously crazy. If anyone knows Andrea, please have her contact us so I can do a full fledged interview with her. I am completely fascinated by this triangle. I hope everyone finally understands why I love Ryan Seacrest so so much. Ryan's Roses is SO much better than Idump4U's lame fake site!

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  2. haha... you should do a weekly ryan's roses post.

  3. This. Shiz. Is. Crazy!

    p.s. I love Ryan's Roses too!