Thursday, June 9, 2011

sexting & the BLOW OFF

I considered ignoring the whole Anthony Weiner scandal on the BLOW OFF, because honestly, writing about one political scandal per week is my limit. But I just can't get this one out of my head.

I won't focus on what an idiot the guy is or the fact that narcissistic famous men seem to think they'll never get caught (even though they've seen so many of their peers exposed). I won't even focus on how bad I feel for his classy successful pregnant wife or that I really want to know if she's been confiding in Hilary Clinton. Forget all that.

I want to focus on SEXTING.

Is it cheating?

I vote, hell yes! If the BF snooped through my phone and saw texts between me and some random internet stranger trading photos of our private parts, I'm pretty sure he'd be pissed. And if I saw the same thing on his phone, bitch be dead!

Sexting might not be as bad as actual physical penetration, but it's still a major breach in trust. It's like the equivalent of eating a slice of Entenmann's coffee cake--- you think you're being a little bit naughty without all of the guilt. But newsflash, that shit still has a lot of sugar and calories and leads to diabetes. (Yes, I just used a 90s food trend metaphor). Bottom line, if you are in a relationship... you should not be sexting or finger tweeting a third party. A few dirty acronyms between strangers is not worth hurting the people you love. In the words of Crosby, Stills, & Nash: Sext the one you're with.


  1. heeeeeeey

    as a FREQUENT sexter (with one dude, i'm not a sexting slut ya'll), it is absolutely cheating. if i started seeing someone seriously, i would cut off the sexting with the other guy.

  2. Rag on Weiner all you want. He deserves it. But for the love of GOD woman, LEAVE THE ENTENMANN'S OUT OF THIS.

  3. Claire, one day I want to hear all about this sexting boy. Sorry, JFC, I just tell it how it is, LOL.

  4. I like shish kabob :)