Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the twin sister BLOW OFF

My favorite posts on this blog are the ones that are sent to us by our loyal readers. Your break up stories are just way more fun to read than my own pathetic tales of dudes who toyed with my vagina. So, if you have the urge to spill your guts in a public forum, you know where to find us.

The other day, we got this gem of a story sent to us. And it even has a happy ending. (Yes, I debated turning it into more of a tragedy to stay on point, but I think this blog can handle a little warm and fuzzy from time to time):

It all started freshman year of high school. My twin sister Beth and I made friends with a group of guys and girls and Beth dated a few of the guys in that group, while I was with the same one (Jamie, yes a guy :-) for quite some time. Beth dated each guy for about a month and then it fizzled, but we all stayed friends it seemed. Anyway, one of these guys (Brian) seemed to like Beth a little more than she liked him and wasn't ready for that relationship to end. He began confiding in me and I in turn tried to get them back together.

Over time, they got over each other. However, he and I had become best friends, so close everyone thought we were a couple...but we weren't, each of us were with other people, yet still there for each other. We actually tried a relationship but seemed better off friends. There was also the added crap of me ending it with Jamie to try and have a relationship with Brian, but since they were best friends, I was then deemed evil and no one wanted me!! Once all that boiled over, Brian and I remained good friends. We ended up telling each other everything (I told him things I didn't tell my new boyfriend). Eventually he became my go to guy for everything, including complaining about that new jerk of a boyfriend. I finally realized who I belonged with. We've been married 13 and half years and have 4 kids. He ended up with the right twin :-)

I'm so into this story! Not just because of the twin factor, but because it proves you really can end up with that best "platonic" friend you secretly harbor feelings for. Which reminds me of my favorite Vanessa Williams song...

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