Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the "Your Bag is Stupid" BLOW OFF

Everybody (In LA at least) knows that girls love nice bags. But if we men can chime in for a second, we hate your stupid bag especially if it's a Louis Vuitton. For one it says you identify yourself with a brand to the point where you want their ugly ass logo all over your shit.

Second and most importantly it says that if we marry you, we will have to work harder and later so that you can buy a $870.00 pouch (the cost of the bag above, no joke fellas) to carry your iphone and chap stick.

Not to mention that Louis Vuitton is SO 2001 and doesn't represent anything anymore besides female doucheyness (yes, girls can be douches too) If you want a tip about how to know if your accessory is douchey, ask yourself if any rapper knows about it. If a rapper knows, or especially MENTIONS said item in a beat driven poem about backing that ass up, you know that it is classless shit. Rappers are like class kryptonite so keep that in mind the next time you're with your girlfriends at Santa Monica Place trying to decide whether to put that bag on the "emergencies only" visa card your dad gave you.


  1. hold up, Samurai Shawn. #1 boys need something to buy us on holidays and birthdays, why make it harder on them? #2 What makes you think none of these ladies are buying the expensive bags with their own money? Full disclosure: I own two marc jacob's bags-- both were christmas gifts from the bf, but he got Thomas Pink from me. #3 Let the record show, I buy most of my handbags from Urban Outfitters.

  2. I love it that a guy says "Louis Vuitton is so 2001" YOU AINT WRONG!

  3. remember those white louis vuitton's with the brightly colored emblems? Those were hideous.

  4. You know what's even worse?

    The bootleg version.

    That's when I gasp under my breath "dear mother of god, we are an inferior species and the cylons should invade."

  5. Hilarious. I used to love expensive bags. Now I'm pretty bottom of the barrel.

    The irony, Sara, being that the white LV bags were designed under Marc Jacobs' watch, as he is the creative director for LV.

    Another thing I've always thought was hilarious is that the LV bags aren't even leather. So really, the bootleg version is a steal.

  6. My parents used to own a luggage shop and when i was eleven they would have me come in and answer phones for them. One time, this lady called and she asked if we carred Louis Vuitton and I had no fucking clue what she was talking about. She thought the luggage store was run by a bunch of low grade idiots.

    @geisha, even marc jacobs makes mistakes. and if i had more money, i'd be buying miu miu.

  7. *carried. sorry, i'm a little tipsy.