Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the anti-BLOW OFF: I became an aunt today!

my sister and brother in law at Thanksgiving. She had no idea she was pregnant here.

There are times in your life when not living within driving distance of your family really hits you hard. For me, it was last night when I got the call that my sister was at the hospital, 4cm dilated, and about to have her first child. My parents, younger brother, and cousin were on there way to the hospital in San Francisco (an hour drive from our hometown of San Jose) and I was stuck in LA. There were no flights out to the bay area until the morning and I didn't trust my nerves on a six hour drive in the middle of the night. So, I had to wait.

I got the call at about two in the morning that my baby nephew was born. My sister who had at eleven years old nearly fainted when she saw my brother's belly button as a newborn was officially a mother. Within minutes I got to see a picture of the perfect little guy who arrived in the world nearly two and a half weeks early.

It got me thinking about the time I lived in New York with my sister when she was single and not meeting many guys worth a third date. But all the BLOW OFFs brought her to this moment. So, yay to all the guys that didn't fit the bill and an even bigger yay to the one that did. Cause now there's a new amazing life (barely six hours old) in this world who is going to make one hell of a man someday.

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  1. i love you sister!!! he is one lucky kid to have such an amazing and loving aunt. and i'm beyond lucky to have such an incredible sister who has been by my side.